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Las Olas premium spiced rum.
Centuries of craft, brought together in London.

When we see rum, we see a story that spans centuries. It’s a story of sugarcane and palm wine and West African charcoal filtering that found their way across the oceans to the Caribbean.

Las Olas brings a new chapter to this story. One that’s rooted in the histories, traditions, cultures, and communities that inspired the art of rum, but brought together here in London. 

Artisanally crafted and beautifully presented, Las Olas is a premium blend of unaged pot still white rums from Barbados and Jamaica; spiced with notes of vanilla, gold cherry, and roasted coffee beans. Imprinted with the soil, rain and sun of its native fields; inspired by the beauty, diversity, and ever-evolving culture of London. 


The story of rum is ancient, and its roots are vast.

And it’s my hope and wish that through Las Olas, you can find a place to call your own in this evolving story.

Sam Williams, 
Founder of Las Olas Rum Club / Las Olas.